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Festive Feast

Elevate your culinary skills this holiday season with the HealthyFood Studio's festive cooking course. Our expert chefs will guide you through crafting delectable and nutritious masterpieces. Enjoy healthily adorned whole wheat blinis on arrival and then learn to make dishes like Crisp Goat's Cheese Parcel on asparagus, Golden Chicken Roulade with fig and cashew stuffing, and Beef Fillet Medallions with smoked chili bulgur wheat. Indulge in a Christmas Spiced Pumpkin Pie and romesco cream sauce. For dessert, create a Wild Berry Fridge Cheesecake with cherry compote, adorned with seasonal berries. Join us for an unforgettable holiday feast - enroll now and let the festivities begin! Ticket prices are per person and drinks are included. Note: This is a live interactive cooking class.