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Introducing Vitality HealthyFood Studio live chef

Wish you could have a professional chef there in your kitchen with you? Now you can! In an exciting new initiative by the Vitality HealthyFood Studio, we’re bringing professional culinary prowess right to your home – in real time!

Cook and connect

Vitality HealthyFood Studio live chef is a live, interactive cooking experience that enables a personal video-call with a fun and professional master chef! Learn the tricks of the trade first-hand as you cook and connect together, from the comfort of your very own kitchen.

Make it social, the safe way

Miss your loved ones? Share this novel and valuable experience with them! Book a group class, so that different members of your family, friend group or work team anywhere in the world can all join the same, live video call for a private class with your Vitality master chef.

Make a private booking or join fellow foodies

Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching or are curious to connect with like-minded people, we’ve got an option for you!

  1. Private bookings:

    Do you enjoy exclusivity, or want quality time with your loved ones? A private booking with a Vitality Chef lets you reserve a class for just you and your household, or book a private party (together with select family or friends of your choosing).
    Each private booking costs R200 per household.

  2. Fellow-foodie bookings:

    Do you miss socialising and the novelty of new faces? Be adventurous, grow your network and make new connections by joining a class with fellow foodies around SA. We’ll arrange the teams and you’ll meet your Vitality Chef and classmates online!
    Fellow-foodie bookings cost R200 per household.

  3. Team Building:

    Missing your colleagues? We have the answer you looking for. A fun interactive, virtual cooking class that allows you to connect with your teams, and what better way, than through FOOD!
    Each private booking costs just R200 per household or team member.

How it works

  1. Book an hour-long online cooking course, in which you’ll learn to make carefully-designed and delicious dishes.
  2. We’ll send you an ingredients and equipment list, so you have time to buy or gather what you need, as well as a hyperlink to an online meeting for your class.
  3. We’ll also send you the recipes you’ll be making, so you can prepare for your class.
  4. Then video-call via Zoom to connect with your very own professional master chef!
  5. Follow along as they guide you step-by-step, and feel free to interact and glean pro tips. Soon, you’ll have healthy and scrumptious meals, plus skills to last a lifetime!


Each course is R200.00 per household, the cost of ingredients is not included.

Book now to cook and connect with Vitality HealthyFood Studio live chef

Keen to learn from the best, and cook and connect with your friends and family? Book a Vitality HealthyFood Studio live chef class or group class today so we can help you create restaurant-worthy meals at home.
Contact us to make a date and enquire about special arrangements.

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